Quantitative Aptitude (4000+ questions) - Valid till 31st Dec, 2013


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Avail access to 4000+ CAT-standard questions and sectional tests, guides and exercises pertaining to individual chapters mentioned below.

Arithmetic - Numbers, Divisibility Test, HCF and LCM ; Logarithms, Surds and Indices ; Functions ; Sequences and Series ; Set Theory ; Permutation and Combination ; Probability

Algebra - Basic Algebraic Operations, Formulae and Applications ; Equations- Simple, Simultaneous and Quadratic ; Inequations

Geometry - Lines, Planes, Angles and Triangles ; Quadrilaterals and Higher Polygons ; Circles ; Coordinate Geometry ; Trigonometry ; Mensuration

Word Problems - Averages ; Percentages ; Profit and Loss ; Simple and Compound Interest ; Ratio, Proportion and Variation ; Stocks, Shares and Partnership ; Mixtures and Alligation ; Time, Speed and Distance ; Time and Work

Miscellaneous - Derivatives ; Maxima, Minima and Inequalities ; Symbolic Logic ; Clocks, Pipes and Cisterns

Over a period of years, we have observed that CAT places special emphasis on application-based questions rather than pure mathematical concept-based problems. At MyCATstudy, we have identified the periodic pattern shifts in CAT and prepared the chapter guides and tests accordingly.

The package is attractively priced at Rs. 2000.00 only.

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