Verbal Ability (3500+ questions) - Valid till 31st Dec, 2013


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Avail access to 3500+ CAT-standard questions and sectional tests, guides and exercises pertaining to individual chapters mentioned below.

Reading Comprehension - Politics & Sociology ; History & Mythology ; Science & Technology ; Economics & Management ; Literature & Arts ; Philosophy & Psychology

Verbal Logic - Paragraph Arrangement ; Paragraph Completion ; Paragraph Summary or Main Idea ; Fact, Judgment & Inference

Vocabulary - Word Meaning ; Contextual Usage ; Diction ; Antonyms

Grammar (Sentence Correction) - Parts of Speech ; Verb Tense, Voice & Mood ; Subject-Verb & Pronoun Agreement ; Phrases & Idioms ; Punctuation ; Parallelism ; Redundancies ; Miscellaneous

Reading Comprehension questions form nearly half of the verbal ability section in CAT. MyCATstudy prepares you to comprehend passages with respect to their thematic highlight, inference of ideas, supporting theme and contextual application. These passages are chosen from various subjects like Politics, History, Science, Arts and Economics.

The package is attractively priced at Rs. 2000.00 only.

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