Friend Referral Reward terms and conditions:
  1. The referral program will be tracked based on the email addresses provided. A person can provide any number of email addresses of their friends, and their friends will receive emails from Your email or your friends will not be used for any purpose other than informing about and for limited promotions.
  2. You can refer as many friends as you like. There is no limit to number of friends who can be referred by one person.
  3. If the email address you referred has already been referred by someone else before, the person who referred first will be eligible for the referral reward.
  4. The referral reward is 10% of the course fee paid (excluding taxes and discounts) by the student who was referred. The referral rewards will be paid through checks and will sent to the person who referred the paid student within 45 days of a student paying up.
  5. This is a limited time offer - reserves the right to stop or limit this promotion any time in the future.
  6. Referral is valid for 45 days from the date of referral. You will not be eligible for this offer if the student you referred enrolls after 45 days from the date of your referral.
  7. Employees of Edusys are not eligible for this promotion.

If you would like to refer friends, please click here